How will Brexit Affect My Promotional Merchandise Order?

The B-word has been on everybody’s lips since the beginning of the year (well a lot longer than that actually!). We mean Brexit of course! All businesses who play a part in importing and exporting to and from the U.K. have had to get to grips with new rules and regulations since we left the EU. We’ve had lots of our clients asking us “How will Brexit affect my promotional merchandise order?” and so we’ve put together some information to help you place your next order with confidence. But you’ll be pleased to know that it’s business as usual at etc. Branding!

We have always prided ourselves on our ability to forge strong relationships with our suppliers and this has been so valuable over the last few months. Our long-term experience in the promotional merchandise industry helped us to get ahead of the game as soon as we knew what impact Brexit would be having on our industry which, in reality, has been small. Our clients have benefitted from quick turnaround times with our UK based suppliers, uninterrupted service from our manufacturers across the globe and very little disruption with orders from Europe thanks to the free trade agreement reached between the UK and the EU!

Only a very small percentage of our products are subject to any new duties enforced by Brexit. And, for those orders which are applicable for duties we have only seen a very minimal impact on the overall cost of the order. To reassure you, all of our quotes are DDP, which means Delivered Duty Paid. The cost we quote you is the cost you’ll pay. When you order with etc. Branding you won’t find yourselves having to pay those annoying unexpected customs charges or additional delivery fees! We also have all the necessary paperwork in hand, so you can leave that headache for us!

We know some of our clients have been concerned about the impact of Brexit on their deliveries but we want to reassure you that it’s all running smoothly. We’ve got a vast network of suppliers that we can call upon and we’ll keep you in the loop at every step of the way. We’ve got our finger on the pulse and we’re ready for your orders!

Need a couple of pointers for ordering your next batch of promotional merchandise? Here are our two top tips:

  • Now that events have been given a green light for the summer (we can’t wait!), get your orders in ASAP to beat the rush.
  • Let us know if your order is urgent and we’ll work with you to find the best solution to make sure that your branded merchandise arrives safe and sound in plenty of time.

Now that you’re ready to order, browse our shop here or drop us line – we’re always happy to help and make sure that your brand is remembered and not just noticed!